Vogue V9278 Pattern Review

Hello sewist,

I love slip dress. Being a short person, I find slip dress enchances the natural curves of my body. The best of all, it fits in all occasions. For casual, just wear a t-shirt underneath, looks cute!

As I’m a beginner and I don’t know how to look at pattern yet, I bought the wrong size for myself. Ugh.


My first project is a pair of lounge pants. I got help from my mother in law that is how I finished my first sewing project. It is really easy, exactly like the front of the envolope.I did all the rookie mistakes. I used seam ripper, and undo about 5 times with the same seam. I learned from my mistake after a million times, because one time is not enough. 


What I learned so far:

  • Always sew seams to seam!
  • Sew using 5/8 inch on sewing machine unless state otherwise.
  • To turn a spaghetti strap, sew long yarn inside and pull it inside out.

The instructions are really clear and easy to understand. I just got the wrong size for myself and that caused me to do several major alterations.

Changes I made with this pattern:

  • Shorten the waist by 1 inch.
  • Shorten the dress to above my knees
  • I skipped the zipper. I do not like how my thread shown on the fabric.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recommended. I will do it again but maybe, getting the right size first.


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Mary loves to sew, crochet and cross stitch. On her downtime, she loves burying her face into books and jamming to Flamingo. She is furthering her study in hoping to be an OBGYN.

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