Simplicity Pattern 1177 Accessories for Babies Review

Hello sewist,

Grab your tea because here’s another review.

It is nice to be able to sew for a baby. I’m having so much fun sewing this pattern. But honestly, who doesn’t get frustrated at least once while trying to follow a pattern. I need to keep a positive attitude for the sake of my baby and myself. So, take a break whenever you feel frustrated, make a cup of your favorite beverage, and read the pattern over and over again.

My first project with this pattern is the bip and pacifier.

Bip and pacifier

I don’t have any tips with this pattern because it’s really simple. I bought the pacifier clip from hobby lobby for $3.99.

Nursery shawl

On the envelope for the nursery shawl, it says it needs 2 yards. I used less than a yard. I’m never a big fan of knit fabric, but the result is always forgiving. I serged around the raw edges and fold into the wrong side as I used zig-zag stitch for the hem. It can also be converted into a poncho.


My third project with this pattern is the car seat canopy.

Car Seat Canopy w/ Inside view
Car Seat Canopy

This was when things went downhill. I had to read the instructions over and over again in order to truly understand it. It was frustrating, but I took breaks each time when that happens. Like I said, take a break, and read it until you understand. It works!


Were the instructions easy to follow?
It is pretty easy ONLY when you understand it. I had to read a couple time for the same step until I fully understood.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
What I like: I’m trying to do everything on the pattern. They are very useful and pretty fun to make. And I get to use minky fabric. 

What I dislike: What is wide bond foam? I have to do some research to find out what is it, my guess will be Pellon FF78F1 Flex-Foam™ 1-Sided Fusible. It works perfectly with it. I used it inside the play mat as well. I have to read each instruction carefully until I understand what it means. 

Fabric Used:
For fabric: Knit, cotton and minky fabric.
For interfacing: Pellon FF78F1 Flex-Foam™ 1-Sided Fusible, Pellon 70 Ultra Firm Stabilizer.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes and a definite yes.

Any tips?

When sewing minky fabric together with a cotton fabric. Sew the cotton fabric on the top and minky fabric facing down. It helps stabilizing both fabric for a smoother sewing experience.



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Mary loves to sew, crochet and cross stitch. On her downtime, she loves burying her face into books and jamming to Flamingo. She is furthering her study in hoping to be an OBGYN.

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