Stitch People Book

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch People.

Hi peeps! I’ve been having this book for awhile now and if you are thinking about getting it, get it. I had a long battle with myself before purchasing this book as well because I just hate spending too much on books. I got this book when there is a promotion going on at their website. With the code ” flattenthecurve” I got it with the total of $47. If it wasn’t for the sale, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t have got it. Not against it, I’m always on a tight budget.

When I first bought this book, I didn’t know how to cross stitch at all, not even the basics. Like, what’s Aida cloth, what’s 14 count, why is it all in different colors, you know, the basics of the basic. With this book, I learned EVERYTHING that I need to know, and most importantly, I gained confident enough to know that my stitches are good.


I feel like the best part of Stitch People is the community that Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean created on Facebook. If you have any questions related to Stitch People at all, just type it up and search it, if not, create a thread so that you can get the help you needed. Everyone there is super friendly and helpful. Most of the craft groups that I’ve been in are pretty much toxic, members are hating on each other, name callings, uncensored pictures, you name it.

Short video clip on how I cross stitch. In this video, I’m stitching her head, Pattern can be found in this book.

Materials that I’m using:

  • Hobby Lobby Q-snap frame
  • DMC Size 5 embroidery needle
  • DMC 14ct Aida Fabric in White

Once you’ve purchase the book, you need to join the community! It’s the best way to get encourage and put your mind at ease that you didn’t just spend $$ on a book for nothing. And the reason why I keep emphasizing the word “community” instead of Facebook book group is because you won’t feel like, ‘Eh, just another Facebook group.’ I’m an introvert and hate to initiate a conversation, so trust me.


Here are some close up pictures of my stitch people:


I really do enjoy it and my family loves it too. Hopefully, I will never run out of idea when it comes to gift.

I even did an ASMR cross stitch on my Youtube channel, using the pattern from Stitch People.

What do you think about this book? Share your thoughts.

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Mary loves to sew, crochet and cross stitch. On her downtime, she loves burying her face into books and jamming to Flamingo. She is furthering her study in hoping to be an OBGYN.

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